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Research centre ExploRatio investigates how to stimulate young people's critical thinking. We focus on teaching methods where (philosophical) dialogue challenges young people to reflect on tricky themes, social issues, the foundations of their own knowledge and beliefs. To this end, we collaborate with schools, museums, teacher trainers and researchers. We focus on both primary and secondary education.

  • What?¬†Our projects focus on stimulating thinking about sustainability, ethics, science, nature, technology, STEM, values and education among young people and education professionals.
  • How? Our research runs in close cooperation with end-users. Design-based research allows us to respond to the needs of teachers and pupils and develop a usable product in several steps.
  • ExploRatio researchers have been honoured regularly. For example, we received the award for the best article in the Flemish/Dutch journal for teacher trainers (Tijdschrift voor Lerarenopleiders), the Mediawijs prize (media literacy) for our project Kritikat and the prize for science communication from the Royal Academy of Sciences.

Card games

ExploRatio develops methodologies that can be used in the classroom. These methods have a second life in card games usable at school, in nature education centres, museums or at the kitchen table. Most card games are only available in Dutch, but some are also translated in English.
Would you like to order a card game?
How does it work?
There is an order form in Dutch with an overview of all the card games. After filling in the form you will receive an invoice within a week. After payment, we will send you the material. If it is not possible to fill in the form, please send us an email.

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